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The next big thing: SPORTFIVE to market VALORANT First Strike: Europe

The first Riot-produced European VALORANT tournament is on the way. VALORANT First Strike: Europe will be an epic test of skill and teamwork, as the best players in the region compete for glory and a share of the $100,000 (€85,000) prize pool. The tournament offers players and teams the chance to demonstrate their skills in the ongoing performance-based qualification rounds, with the ultimate goal of gloriously advancing to the regional finals starting December 3, 2020.

SPORTFIVE is working together with Riot Games EMEA on the very first VALORANT Esports Tournament First Strike: Europe between December 3rd and 6th. With events covering the strongest regions in EMEA and being produced in Berlin, Germany, Moscow, Russia and Istanbul, Turkey, SPORTFIVE is excited to offer a unique opportunity for brands to step in at the beginning of one of the most promising esports titles, alongside the agency’s existing successful partnership around Riot Games‘ LEC and EU Masters.

Having established a global esports unit recently, SPORTFIVE is the world’s most active full-service esports agency – leveraging its 50 years of experience in traditional sports and with access to more than 60,000 rights holders, brands, hospitality clients and broadcasters globally. SPORTFIVE has raised the bar in esports through its successful partnerships with leading publishers, event organisers and teams – including Riot Games, RFRSH Entertainment, T1 Entertainment & Sports (T1) and PUBG – and its esports portfolio includes sales and strategic consulting for brands such as Nike, BMW, SAP, Shell and Foot Locker.

“VALORANT is one of the hottest Esports titles at the moment, a highly competitive game, which opens the possibility to extend the players’ experience into the glorious world of e-sports. We are pleased to be involved in the premiere of ‘First Strike’ in Europe, the first VALORANT tournament organized by Riot Games. ’First Strike’ will give a first orientation of who the big names in each region are and will be in the future.”

Moritz Altmann, Vice President Global Esports at SPORTFIVE

“Right now, it is the most exciting time for brands to gain a foothold in what is currently the fastest growing Esports title. Within the scope of our cooperation with RIOT, we have already been able to place numerous meaningful collaborations in Esports, such as Kit Kat in the LEC. I am excited to see which brands we can place with our global sales force for VALORANT First Strike: Europe.”

Eike Gyllensvärd, Executive Vice President Global Esports Partnerships at SPORTFIVE



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